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The B2B Sales Show

Sep 25, 2019

Oftentimes in startups, consistency is neglected.

You’re concerned with customers and revenue, two valid excuses.

However, Don Drury, Principal at Drury Advisors, fills The B2B Sales Show co-host Joe Caprio in on why it’s so crucial to establish a strong frontline of leadership right away.

In this episode,...

Sep 11, 2019

An entire relay race can be desolated with one bad hand-off.

The same is true in team selling. All the blood and sweat you put into setting up a sale can be wiped away with just one inefficient hand-off of information.

Scott Britton, co-founder of, reveals his secrets to seamless sales hand-offs to The B2B...

Sep 3, 2019

It’s a little sad these days that authenticity is becoming a competitive differentiator.

If being real matters so much, why isn’t it everyone’s priority?

I got to talk to John Barrows, CEO of JBarrows Sales Training, about the problems with trying too hard and what authenticity can do for sales.

What we talked...