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The B2B Sales Show

Aug 28, 2019

If you aren’t recording every single call you made this week, you’re missing out on 3 uses cases for your calls playlist.

It’s good for new hires, for managers, and for legacy folks. Not to mention clients and prospects. And you.

Actually, why wouldn’t you record everything? That’s what I talked about with

Aug 22, 2019

Here’s a 100% sure-fire way to know if someone is trying to sell you something. They claim it’s one-size-fits-all.

But that’s definitely not the case with a go-to-market strategy. There are so many variables that you can’t wear someone else’s size.

Trish Bertuzzi and I chatted about this--and she told me that...

Aug 21, 2019

New sales managers aren’t just responsible for upholding their team’s trust. They have their team’s careers riding on their shoulders. They have their team’s families relying on them.

I talked to Tree McGlown, Chief Revenue Officer at Sideqik, about the three things that newly minted managers should do in their...

Aug 20, 2019

After you define your ideal customer profile and build your proactive inbound-outbound sales strategy, how do you search through those 10,000 potentials for actual customers?

Don Erwin, Head of Revenue at Mixmax, answered that question faster than you can say “sales ops.”

“The very first hire that I made when I...

Aug 16, 2019

Coaching is one of the most important aspects of sales training.

However, not every coach is doing what is necessary to put their team in the best position for success possible.

In fact, most coaches aren’t intentional with what they are doing and trying to teach. 

Matt Cameron consults to high-growth SaaS companies...