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The B2B Sales Show

Dec 26, 2019

You’re walking into a sales team with a team already in place. What should you do? Tear it down and build it back up? Or work with what you have?

In this episode, co-host Don Erwin interviews Brendon Cassidy, Founder of Cassidy Ventures. Brendan has plenty of experience consulting with companies about their sales...

Dec 26, 2019

Did your cold email framework make you a millionaire in 2 years?

Kevin Warner’s did.

He shares the contents of the cold email framework that generated insane revenue for his company, Leadium.

Plus, he covers:

  • Crafting email messaging to get your prospect to engage
  • The cadence at which to schedule email sequences

Dec 24, 2019

Are you addressing the core elements of your outbound strategy? Or are you simply being prescriptive?

In this episode of The B2B Sales Show, co-host Don Erwin catches up with the co-founder and CRO of Blissful Prospecting, Jason Bay. Jason shares how his team established the REPLY Method to revolutionize their cold...

Dec 19, 2019

PDF proposals create a process that’s broken and scattered.

They waste the sender’s time. They waste the recipient’s time. And when you’re part of a startup, you need to save all the time you can.

In this episode of The B2B Sales Show, co-host Patrick Downs explains why using unintuitive proposals is potentially...

Dec 19, 2019

Just like the number of SaaS solutions that’s out there, agencies seem to be popping up all the time.

How can you tell the difference between them? Is there even a difference?

In this episode of The B2B Sales Show, co-host Kevin Warner speaks with SmartBug Media’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Jen Spencer. Through her...